We are a small family farm located in NW Georgia.  My boys and I became interested in poultry approximately 10 years ago and experimented with several breeds before settling on Columbian Plymouth Rocks.

This variety is one of the most rarely seen varieties in the United States and quality birds are very difficult to locate.  We were fortunate enough to get our start from a Canadian trio that came in to the Ohio Nationals in 2010.  This line was combined with another line to develop what we have today.  Females are great layers of large to extra large brown eggs (approx 180-200 per yr) and grow to a size of near 8 pounds.  Males are spectacularly colored and somewhat docile, although they are great protectors of the flock.  They regularly reach 10 pounds or more.

Our birds are bred to the APA Standard of Perfection and birds that are not an improvement over the previous generation are not used for breeding purposes.  Our goal is to have birds that can compete in the show arena as well as provide the dual-purpose use the Plymouth Rock breed was designed for.